140701 Tuesday July 1st


A) 3 Sets (not for time)

5 – Weighted Pull Ups

Rest 30 seconds

4 – Turkish Get Ups (2 each arm)

Rest 2 minutes


* Increase weight each set

* If you can’t do a weighted pull up then do 5 jumping pull ups with a 3 second descent.

* Turkish Get Up from the floor lying on your back to standing with kettlebell overhead and then back down to the floor:



B)  20 Minute AMRAP:

5 – Bar Hop Burpees
10 – Deadlifts (@40-50% 1RM)
15 – Sit Ups (Abmat Butterfly)
20 – Double Unders (40 Singles)

– Maintain a steady aerobic pace throughout this workout and keep moving with as little resting as possible.  This is all about finding that groove where you will be able to do constant work for 20 minutes straight.

– You can scale this up with toes to bar but only if you can do them unbroken.  If you start unbroken and fail to do 15 reps 2 rounds in a row then scale back down to regular sit ups.




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140330 Monday June 30th


A)  EMOM 12 Min (3 rounds):

1st minute – 45 sec push ups

2nd minute – 45 sec double unders

3rd minute – 45 sec handstand hold

4th minute – 6-10 strict pull ups


B)  For Time:

400 Meter Run
30 – Overhead Squat (95/55)
800 Meter Run
30 – Overhead Walking Lunge (45/25 plate)
400 Meter Run
30 – Box Jumps (step down)






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140627 Friday June 27th


A)  In Teams of 3:

30 – 75′ Sled Pushes for time (90/45)

One teammate pushes sled, other teammate does farmers walk (53/35) with 2 kettlebells while third teammate rests. Alternate jobs for each leg of the sled push and pass the kettlebells to the next teammate without touching the ground for all 30 sled pushes.


B)  For Time:

50 – Toes To Bar*

* 5 Burpees every time you drop from the bar





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140626 Thursday June 6th


The following rant is courtesy of Freddy Camacho from One World CrossFit.  He posted it on his blog yesterday and I though I would re-post it for your reading pleasure.  I can relate!



Count-Sesame-Street-2There is a phenom in CrossFit that I can never understand. The peeps who can’t count! I get it if every now and then you momentarily get sidetracked in a workout. You were thinking about what round you were in. Suddenly that gets twisted into your rep count and the next thing you know, you are thinking “I think I’m in round five….um….. rep six, rep seven, rep eight.” You miss a rep or two. Shit happens. Occasionally, spun around is ok.

I’ve never had a problem counting reps. I’ve videotaped my workouts literally 100’s of times and gone back and counted my reps on each video. Always nails. I keep it simple while working out. I think only about counting and resting. I always have a plan on how I’m gonna attack the reps in a workout so it’s easy to keep track of the reps. If a workout has 20 reps of something I can’t do 20 times straight, I have a plan on how many reps I am going to do before I take a break in the action. It’s pretty easy to count when you know the end of that count is a time to stop and wonder once again, “Why am I doing this?!?!”

I have no idea what people are thinking about when they are counting their reps. If there are 25 reps in a movement, you would think that 1 to 25 would be easy to concentrate on. I would love to be a fly on the wall inside the brain of a person who regularly fucks up their counting. You see, I like to believe in the good in people. I think that most people who regularly mess up their counting DO NOT do it purposely. Sure, it’s a coincidence that they never count OVER the rep scheme, but I still think that in the 8 years I’ve been a coach at One World the worst counters were never doing it to be “Number One.” Soooo, I have to believe that some funny shit is going on inside their brain. “One, two, three, four, five, six….hey I never noticed that that banner hanging on the wall has a jet pilot on it…..twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, TIME!!!”

Over the years, I’ve seen some horrible counters. I almost always heard about it first, but then I witnessed it firsthand. As a newer coach, it’s always an awkward position to be in. I first had the attitude of, “Oh well, everyone knows that person can’t count so no harm done.” If I see you missing reps, I’m calling you out. I want you to be better. Get your head on straight and learn how to count when you are in the middle of a workout. It’s just as important as doing the workout.

Concentrate. If you lose your mind in a workout, then you are way out of your league. Scale it down. The workout has a purpose. The goal is to increase your level of fitness. If you short change it, you are defeating the purpose. Count those reps!!!

 – Freddy Camacho (One World CrossFit)



A)  15 Minute AMRAP of:

3 – Deadlifts (@ 75% 1RM)
3 – Rounds of Cindy

*One round of Cindy is 5-pull ups, 10-push ups, and 15-air squats

Then immediately following the 15 Minute AMRAP:

B)  Run 1 Mile for time





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140625 Wednesday June 25th

Don’t be THAT guy!  No Bueno!


A)  Bench Press


@ 70-78-86-94-100-101


B)  15 Minute AMRAP:

5 – Thrusters (95/65)
7 – Hang Power Clean (95/65)
10 – Sumo Deadlift High Pull



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140624 Tuesday June 24th

Max baby Max!

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, we are Maxing out this week.  Yesterday was Power Clean and today is Front Squat, and tomorrow will be Bench Press.  This is the last week of our current strength cycle so we are looking for some PR’s.  If you happen to miss one of these workouts make every attempt to make it up either Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  Saturday will be an ‘Open Gym’ format to give everyone a chance to do this.  We’ll take a short break next week and then hit the weights again for a new cycle.  Make sure you are recording your lifts so you can compare and see if you are improving as we complete each cycle.  If your numbers are increasing you should also be adjusting your 1RM that you base your percentages on for the future strength work.


A) Front Squat Max Effort:


@ 70-78-86-94-100-100+

And remember….

B)  3 Rounds for time:

30 – Wall Balls (20/14)
20 – Sit Ups (Abmat Butterfly)
10 – Single Arm Russian Kettlebell Swings (10 each arm)  (53/35)




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140623 Monday June 23rd


A) Power Clean Max Effort


@ 70-78-86-94-100-101%

– Go for it but keep your form tight.  If I see it getting ugly I’ll shut you down!


B)  For Time (with a 15 minute time cap):

400 Meter Run
30 – Air Squats
20 – Push Ups
10 – Burpees

200 Meter Run
30 – Air Squats
20 – Push Ups
10 – Burpees

100 – Meter Run
30 – Air Squats
20 – Push Ups
10 – Burpees

– 15 minute time cap so move your ass on this one!





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140621 Saturday July 21st


A)  3 Sets of:

3 – Hang Power Snatch
5 – Overhead Squat

Build in weight each set.
Rest as needed between sets


B)  In Teams of 2 with one person working at a time complete:

100 – Pull Ups
1000 – Meter Row (in 250 meter splits)
100 – Goblet Squats
1000 – Meter Row (in 250 meter splits)
100 – Kettlebell Swings
1000 – Meter Row (in 250 meter splits)

Partition the 100’s any way you like but perform each 1000M row in 4 – 250 meter splits with your partner.




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140620 Friday June 20th


A)  Bench Press Max Effort


Suggested Loads 65-70-78-86-94% of 1Rep Max

*If you don’t know your 1RM build in weight each set to a 3RM for the day.


B)  In teams of 2 with 1 partner running 400 meters at all times complete the following 24 minute AMRAP:

5 – Ground to Overhead (135/95)
5 – Bar Hop Burpees

One teammate runs 400 meters and the other teammate does as many rounds of the amrap as possible until its his or her turn to run.  When you return from the run pick up the amrap wherever your partner left off.




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