140803 Wednesday August 3rd





From now on all workouts will be posted on Wodify only.  Log in with your username and password that was sent to you in the welcome e-mail.  Once logged in to Wodify you can view the workout of the day and view all of your posted workout results and max lifts.  This will be a tremendous resource for all of you to track your progress but YOU HAVE TO USE IT!!!  Log all of your workout results after the workout!

The main reason I switched to Wodify is to provide this easy to use workout logging software for all of you to gauge your progress.  It’s not there for you to to judge yourself against everyone else as much as it’s to judge yourself against yourself.  You can not tell if something is working unless you have data to support it and if your not putting the data in you will not get anything out.  When a workout gets posted and it’s prescribed at a certain percentage of your 1 rep max the program will tell you what weight to use but only if you PUT THE DATA IN FIRST!  There is no way I can remember everyone’s max lifts which is why when you come up to me before the workout and ask me what weight you should use, I usually look at you like you have 2 heads and then ask you “What’s your 1 rep max?” to which you usually reply “I don’t remember!”  and then I have to say “You should be logging your results for situations like this.”  and you say ” Yea, I know I should, but I haven’t been because I’m a lazy ass, and I really don’t give a shit about my progress.”  and then I have to say “Well then you’ve really been wasting your money every month and you should just go do Zumba or something.”  and then you will think “this guys an asshole” and I will think “gee, I feel bad now because I got a little nasty with a paying client”.  So lets try to avoid all that messy bullshit right up front and use the system and track your progress and we can all be happy, and on our way to becoming more awesomer than ever!!

Log your results and be happy!!!



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