130530 Thursday May 30th

High Bar vs Low Bar Back Squat: Use whichever method you choose. There are advantages to both.  High bar back squats lend themselves to the olympic lifts by using a more upright torso position.  Low bar back squats decrease the length of the lever (created by your spine) and allow more weight to be used for absolute lower body strength.


BACK SQUAT 5-5-5-3-1+
Loading @ 50%-60%-75%-85%-95%


For time (in teams of 2) with 1 person working at a time:

1600 – Meter Run
50 – Pull Ups
100 – Push Ups
200 – Squats
100 – Sit Ups
50 – Burpees
1600 – Meter Row

All exercises must be completed in the order listed.  Each teammate must do an equal number of reps, and you can split the reps up as you choose (except for the run).  The 1600 meter run can only be split up as 4-400 meter runs or 2-800 meter runs.



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